Wednesday, June 26, 2013

this and that

Three observations for now.

Driving through the old MAMC township the day before yesterday, I saw a young man galloping past on a horse. I kid you not. Too bad I did not have a camera with me...

This blog remains the poor cousin of the other one. Pity. My readers would not have regretted it if they had explored this one a bit more.

There are few men in my town whom I admire, leave alone respect. One of those is a poor cycle-van driver who goes by my house hawking cowdung manure. He alternately yells to tell people about his ware, and breaks loudly and tunelessly into shyamasangeet or some vaishnav padavali number immediately afterwards. Those who cannot figure out why I admire and respect this man will never know anything essential about me.

Oh, a fourth one. I am sick and tired of people laying claim upon my time without bothering to weigh their words and considering how I might feel reading them...they shouldn't mind that I ignore them completely. After very long and careful deliberation, I have decided that is the only sane thing to do. No man either has infinite patience, nor owes it to anyone. But that could be one reason why some might think of me being wantonly whimsical. Which is why I put this here.

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Sunup said...

Wow Sir, the galloping horseman would indeed be a crowd-puller, especially in big towns like Durgapur. There's something majestic in a galloping horse with his/her rider, and they still manage to attract people even to this day. You should see the crowds on a flyover adjoining the Race Course here in Bangalore -- people trying to have a glimpse of the horses. Thankfully, horse riding is one the few surviving ancient skills of modern mankind, thanks to Equestrian sports, ceremonial 'mounted' army and police men, race jockeys and some individual passionate souls. Wonder how long this skill would survive.
And I felt sad about the cow dung manure seller. Wonder how much he makes per day especially when monsoons are here -- are there still people interested in gardening over there? When I left Durgapur in the '90s, people were still interested in gardening.