Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trolls banished!

I didn’t know (or maybe I did, but I was pushing forbearance to the limit!) it was so easy to cut out the crude and the ignorant, the cowardly and the feckless on the internet. All I did recently, after years of tolerating trolls and assorted monsters masquerading as commentators on my blogs, was to block anonymous posts and put up a warning to say that all strangers must submit their email i.d.s for verification before their comments are published – and the most vulgar, irrelevant and stupid comments (from the sort of barely humans that can’t or won’t read what I have written, couldn’t conduct a reasoned argument to save their lives, and wouldn’t know the difference between good manners and barbarism if they were hit on their heads with it, yet have all the time in the world to tell me again and again how much they hate – read envy – me) stopped coming at once!

I am a happy man now, in the sense that a man can be happy if he loves his pretty little garden and has at last learnt to shut the gate against intruders who would come in only to pee or trample on his flower beds, because that’s all they can do to ‘express themselves’…in this context, the literate and cultured few among my readers might want to look up this little essay. Apes, I’m sorry, but I’ve got no lollies for you…


Shubho said...

Good thing to have happened, Sir. And the essay was also a good one.

Indeed, a thick skin is very necessary nowadays, not only in the profession of writing, but also in other professions, and sometimes in personal life also. Good to learn that developing a thick skin is beneficial nowadays. I will definitely try to follow what the writer has written in the essay. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

It's exactly like the old adage goes, isn't it? Better alone than in bad company. At the cost of sounding misanthropic, I must say: people are bad news. I know, of course, there are human beings on planet Earth who are actually worth getting to know but the number of "bad eggs" one has to brush past seems a little too much at times. When one does find a person worth all the effort, though, it's not all that bad. Till then, however, padlocks for me.

Best wishes,


Suvro Chatterjee said...

'Padlocks for me' is a good idea, Urna. In my defence, I would only say, paraphrasing Max Weber, that I keep at it only to see how much of it (banality, irrelevance and filth) I can take. Still, I have put up padlocks of a sort now. When I am exasperated enough, and stop expecting anything better, I might simply stop writing for the public. A few more years down the line, maybe?