Monday, March 11, 2013


'Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive', wrote the poet, describing the initial euphoria generated by the French Revolution, 'but to be young was very heaven'.

Well, to feel that kind of occasional exultation, you don't need to wake up at dawn, you don't need revolutions, nor to be among large crowds, nor even to be young. All you need is God's grace. And the luckiest among us are those who are showered with such grace now and then.

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Shilpi said...

Ah, Suvro da - that pure bliss must be a matter of God's grace. One even feels like one walks with the gods for a while 'strong in love'. And I'd say that it is best experienced far away from crowds and from revolutions - haven't been too fond of either - and maybe people will disagree with me but it's best not to be too young from what I remember of being young. Although it's not unusual to wake up at dawn when one feels such bliss.

I was waiting for a precious post, and this one brings a smile even to the self which can't help feel the shots and pain of sad wonderment sometimes, and thanks for linking the grand poem (I hadn't read it before even thought those two lines sound so familiar because I've heard you say them sometime). I suddenly remembered that I had a dream two dawns before where there were soft gentle golden spring showers and conversation - felt like a touch of grace and I woke up and for less than a split second I was hovering. Nothing beats the feeling in the real world...even though maybe the lines get blurred often times, and God knows you deserve the showers of grace, and in this world. I've now got the U2 song ("Grace") playing in my head with those lines from Wordsworth and your lines (!) and yes, there is a non-rambling reason!

Take care and bunches of thanks for this un...