Thursday, January 16, 2014

English in India

Look up this link. They need to conduct 'scientific studies' of this sort to verify home truths like 'an education in English improves your chances of getting a fatter paycheck'! My dear study conductors who suffer from disguised unemployment, hundreds of millions of Indian parents know this already, thank you very much. It is they, and not those who conduct such utterly useless 'studies', who have kept the likes of me in gravy all my working life!

One interesting claim made by this study is that 'only 20% of the Indian population can speak in English, and only 4% can be considered fluent'. Now given my lifetime experience, I think that the first figure is likely to be a gross exaggeration, unless you insist that even the dhaba boy who shouts 'aiye, aiye, bread-butter milega' can 'speak in English'. As for the latter figure, ahem. I suppose all my ex-students now in their 20s and 30s might be technically considered to be fluent in English, but I wonder, truly... I know how many of them talk pidgin or Facebookese, and find it 'too difficult' to write articulate comments on my blogposts!

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akash ganguly said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for providing the link. I was amazed yet I guffawed all the same. But I agree, it is good for you.

I know many of my relatives and father's friends at his workplace who manage to lead their lives happily, on quite "fat" paychecks without knowing to speak fluent English. I wonder what difference does it make in the lives of people who do, provided, of course, their profession does not depend on this language.