Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One step forward, one step back

Recently I read in the same day's newspaper that on the one hand, Apple and IBM are tying up to develop apps for mobile phones that can handle 'heavy data loads', turning the phones into 'decision making tools' (heaven knows what that means, and it made me wonder how the likes of Churchill and J P Morgan managed to handle world-girdling empires and Tagore wrote all that superlative stuff lifelong without such marvels  at their disposal), and, on the other hand, the German government, worried stiff about snooping over the internet, has decided to have sensitive stuff written on old-fashioned manual typewriters, giving computers the go-by. If people are not silly, tell me what they are.

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Soham Mukhopadhyay said...

It is interesting to watch the recent developments in Germany.
Last month, they created the world record by becoming the first country to meet 50 percent of its energy needs by harnessing solar power. Also 90 percent of German households are powered by solar panels.
Although migrating to solar power from conventional sources of energy costs a lot of public money, but still they have managed to successfully complete the transition
And of course, moving back to old fashioned manual type writers is a much safer option these days when no computer is free from a cyber attack. Although the current paperwork would be much more compared to the previous generations, but I think they would be able to come up with a better alternative in the immediate future.

with regards,
Soham Mukhopadhyay