Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ho ho ho

Here's someone who is either very wise or super-stupid; he's drawn up a list of five widely used things (such as cash) that are sure to vanish by 2021. 

I have a long memory, and so, I hope, do some of my readers, at least. We shall check, shall we?

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Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Sir,

I am reminded of a few facts and a joke (which might be a fact too)-

1) Many developed nations have returned to the use of ballot papers and stopped using electronic voting machines.

2) As you once said in one of our discussions how Al-Qaeda threw CIA into a disarray by turning their backs to technology and I think that speaks why some things (like static documents and hard drives that can be physically relayed) will never disappear. I have also heard that sensitive information (of big corporation, armed forces to name a few) are stored in floppy drives or even older formats simply because it is hard to transfer/steal in today's smart world.

3) I am sure you have heard this joke that Americans conducted a top-secret research to design a pen that can function in outer space at zero gravity and later their spies found out that the Russians were simply using a good, old pencil.

With regards,