Monday, February 26, 2018

Patriotism, well understood

Translated, that reads Getting shot at on the border is not the only kind of service to the nation. Stop spitting everywhere while you are chewing tobacco: that will be a big enough favour to her. 

Notice pasted on a roadside wall on the way to the Ramjhula bridge from the Geeta Ashram. 


Siddhartha Pal said...

Dear Sir,
The notice is very ironical as vast majority of indians love to spit everywhere from bus,trains to even in goverment offices . So if indians pay heed to this nasty manner and stop doing it then our country will be much more cleaner.

Young Scientists said...

Dear sir,
I think that it is very applicable in today's India.People like to spit at all public places.They never think how odd it looks.
With regards ,
Atmadeep Sen