Monday, May 21, 2012

Gems of howlers

This one again is for those who can relish humour in Bengali. A retired schoolmaster is reminiscing over the gems of howlers he had collected over a long career. click and zoom on the print...


JD said...

Literally rolling with laughter. It is an awesome collection!


2002 Batch.

ginger candy said...


This is the funniest thing I have read in quite a while. If this was published in a newspaper, can you kindly mention the name of the newspaper and the date on which this article appeared? I'll tell my parents to read this.


Sayan Datta said...

Hilarious, Sir! My mother read it as well. She has told me another story which goes - A young wife once had to write a letter to her husband working in Calcutta about how things were going on in her village. This woman, though literate, did not have the faintest idea about where to put commas and full stops. So, at the fag end of the letter where she had to write "Ma bomi koriyachhen. Purut moshai-er mukhe shob shunibe", she wrote - "Ma bomi koriyachhen purut moshai-er mukhe. Shob shunibe"
Another one from my own collection - There is a question in one of the more popular school level physics textbooks about two monkeys: one hanging on by a rope for dear life and another hanging by the first's tail, duly named monkeys A and B respectively. To solve the question one needs to write the equations of motion for each and then solve them simultaneously. Imagine my surprise when one boy opens with the statement - "Inside monkey A..."
Sayan Datta

Shubho said...

Hilarious Sir! This is too good. Poor teacher - how could he know that the boy would write "kyalani" instead of "marbo"?

Another good one was "prosob" instead of "prosrob".

Too good.