Monday, May 14, 2012

Orangs and iPads

The right gadget has at last found the right kind of user: see this newspaper editorial.


Suvro Chatterjee said...

Not one comment here in five days. Well, sometimes silence speaks louder than words!

Shubho said...

Wonderful reading Sir. I do not have an iPad, and I am also not so eager or interested about the gadget, or rather "I ain't so crazy about it... and bla bla bla..." as the modern teenager and even the grown-ups will say these days. I have always been against the iPad and the iPhone, especially because they are so costly and they provide nothing special. It is just applications and a touch sensitive screen. Should one really pay so much for good graphics, a touch sensitive screen and capability to handle a few more applications than other phones? There are many more phones that are providing those facilities at much lower costs. The spoiled and pampered children of rich parents have actually run out of ways to spend money to satisfy their basic needs and some amount of luxury. So wasting money (mind you, they will call this "spending money") is the only way they can lessen the burden of so much money from their parents' shoulders.

What I feel amazed about is, Sir, when I see a person working as a salaried employee in some organization bragging about his/her new iPhone or iPad. It is indeed sad that unmarried people, and sometimes the married ones too, do not understand the responsibility that lies on their shoulders. They do not understand the value of money, the value of land, the value of gold. Go to them and tell them these things: they will either sneer at you or tell you that they do not have so much time to think about these. If only they realized that what they are told to think about is about their own futures and that hard times are ahead when in case the salaries are not increasing so much as are the prices of the commodities of our daily use. They do not have the time to think about facts that education nowadays is no more as cheap as it used to be in our times or in our parents' times. They do not care whether their children are getting properly educated or not, whether they are able to repay their loans on time or not, whether they are able to save enough money so that they might have a secure future after they retire from service. These things are too boring, too thought provoking, too difficult things. People take life so easily, so casually, never making an attempt to take the difficult path to have an easy future, or rather an easy old age.

Well, I can go on and on and on criticizing. But one thing is for sure - my parents may be a bit old fashioned, a bit backdated, or rather "outdated", but they can go around bragging that even though our family is a lower middle class family, we do not have big loans to repay (my father and I, with our combined efforts, have together built a more or less good and comfortable house without the help of any bank loan), that they are living very content lives, and that they have helped me get a good education (by education, I do not mean physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science) which will enable me to lead a more or less good life. What more can people expect out of life other than contentment?

To many, the answer might be "iPad", who knows?

And finally, Sir, I also never know that the iPad was actually created for autistic people.