Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Science, or plumb craziness?

Interested in reading some really bizarre stuff of the science fiction/fantasy variety? Try this.

I was fascinated by this sort of thing as a youngster. Wonder why it doesn't thrill me half as much any more, though I keep in touch...

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Sunup said...

Really fascinating, thanks for posting this, dear Sir! Even I too sit and ponder over such things, but then dismiss it later as mere fantasizing. Didn't realize they are many more like us. From the Listverse link, I liked the 'Visible Flaws' part the most. Even I have had many a deja vu incidences, though they have come down a lot nowadays -- maybe MY programmer's/creator's coding and bug fixing skills have improved :). But that article has a hyperlink embedded called "anecdotal evidence", whose contents I find it a little hard to believe.