Saturday, February 28, 2015

'time-pass' and true love

Just watched a 2014 Walt Disney animation movie called Maleficent. Bad title. In any case, though it's not what I'd call a great movie, I liked it, not only because it is an interesting re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty legend, but because it underscores pretty strongly something I have believed and said for a long time: that 'romantic' love is for kids. They say in the movie that nothing like true love exists, and then show that it does, but it is far more likely to come from parents - or, even more likely, parent figures, biological parents often being no more than brutes and bores - than the boy or girl in class you had a crush on. Good to think that it was my daughter who told me to watch the movie.

There are, of course, lots of people who cannot recognize or value true love when it is served to them on a platter - but why waste time on them? They cannot do anything more worthwhile than 'time-pass'...

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Deyasini Ganguly said...

I feel very sad when I look around, in school or tuitions where I see innumerable "couples" who talk with their partners as if they have known them for years then suddenly break up for nothing and move on so easily. I always think that if its love how can it all end so fast?I have never been able to come in terms with these kinds of relationships and I always know that these are flings(mostly). It's sad that most people don't realize the meaning of true love which according to me is much more than just being together and yes, they are either passing time or giving themselves a social status "in a relationship".
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