Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just right

I often read and remark on T-shirt legends. One moronic (or uber-wise: take your pick) tag read 'I was born intelligent; education ruined me'.

But I was pleased to see that somebody has got it just right on a pupil's T-shirt this time round: 'I was born intelligent, but twitter ruined me'.

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Shilpi said...


Got nothing to say about twittering twits (tweeple?!) but just yesterday I think it was that I read the following on the BBC...the story of Miss Twittering-Twit India pretending to be smart by engaging in 'twagiarism' (! for the word and ??! for the empty space in between her ears), and the other 'twitty' words made me roll my eyes around. Some parts of it are rather interesting... onomatopoeia is one of the things I remember from 'figures of speech' (is that what it's called?)...


Hmm...I could go either way with the first one...depends upon how I'm feeling.