Wednesday, February 8, 2012

masterji, my kid's getting married, please come!

Why do the parents of ex-students who have never once contacted me for years after they left my classes come over to invite me to their children's weddings, and actually expect me to honour the invitation? Can anybody tell me? I should so like to know. 


Sayan Datta said...

I have seen that most people find it very hard to digest that a man can do his own thing, be his own man and still be happy; whereas, cocksure as they are of their own version of the good life realize, at some level atleast, that neither the latest gadgets nor money can buy peace them peace and contentment. Will it be a fair guess if I say that in their part deeply jealous and part confused attitude towards you, they wish to show that they are not any short of happiness? Or could it be the silliest whim that should you do them the honour they will be able to brag to others by saying – “Look, there’s Suvro sir, he has come to my son’s wedding, you know….” or something of that sort?
Sayan Datta

Suvro Chatterjee said...

I don't really know, Sayan: maybe different people are motivated by different impulses. My wife says there could be other reasons also, one being a superstitious belief that old teachers have 'got to be' invited (just as they have 'got to be' pranaam-ed before birthdays and exam days) lest the evil eye should fall on the children. The fact remains that most of our parents who are maniacally determined that their kids should 'study science' are just as maniacally superstitious in the way they live their lives...

Anand Tiwari said...

Dear Suvro da,

There are a few reasons i can think of

a) Get the teacher to realize how much the student has achieved in material terms inspite of being classified as an average pupil by the teacher

b) Ensure that the marriage receives the blessing of all characters, however minor they may be. By feeding all and sundry, the parents feel that they have warded off any evil thoughts, feelings and emotions towards their children.

c) Some people believe that a larger wedding reception directly equates to a higher social standing

d) Lastly, some parents have genuine affection for those individuals who they feel have contributed to the growth of their child


Suvro Chatterjee said...

Hahaha, Anand,
Thanks. Your point (b) I've mentioned myself, and (d) certainly does not apply in my case, at least, because the parents and children I have in mind are those who have never once bothered to look me up in all the years since the kid left my tuition... hardly a mark of 'genuine affection' .